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Külçe Çinko

Galvaniz sektöründen temin etmekte olduğumuz Çinko külleri değirmenlerimizde işleme tabi tutularak metalik Çinko partikülleri içeren kül ve ince Çinko külü olmak üzere ikiye ayrılır. Daha Fazla...

Külçe Pirinç

Pirinç fabrikalarından temin etmekte olduğumuz pirinç kül ve droslar değirmenlerimizde işleme tabi tutularak tasniflenmekte ve bilahare eritilerek MS72 Cu kalitede pirinç külçe üretimi yapılmaktadır. Daha Fazla...

Zinc Ammonium Chloride

Saha Metal markets the high purity zinc ammonium chloride in powder. Ideal for preapering liquid flux for the hot dip galvanizing,more...

Zinc Oxide


The ceramic industry uses zinc oxide for many diverse applications. Ceramic tiles and frit enamels are probably the most well known. However, zinc oxide also plays an important role in ophthalmic glass. In decorative tiles, zinc oxide improves the brilliance of clear and coloured glazes. It is commonly used as a constituent in opal and alabaster glazes, improving their lighting properties and chemical resistance.


The fungicidal and mildicidal properties of zinc oxide make it an important ingredient in many paint formulations. Coatings formulated with zinc oxide provide biocidal functions, improve colour retention and the durability of the film under varying climatic conditions.


Our Website Is Online

More detailed information about our products and services we renewed our web site to deliver. Renovation work is still ongoing. Within a short time, our site will be reaching a lot more content.

Dear Customers and Partners

As you know, as of 01.07.2009, EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number) usage was implemented in EU customs system. International transport companies and EU resident companies must have an EORI number in order to proceed in EU customs offices.

As of 01.01.2011, it will not be possible to declare shipments without EORI number of the sending/receiving part in EU. Consequently, it will not be possible to transport such shipments.

Thus, in your transport instructions, EORI number of the part in EU must be indicated. Without knowing this number, it will not be possible to perform the transportation.

Official references for your convenience:



It would be appreciated if you please kindly indicate your EORI number in your standart purchase orders.

For your kind info and thank you for your business with us.

Best regards,